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Wish Widget

What is the Wish Widget? The Wish Widget sits in your bookmarks bar and allows you to add an item to any one of your wish lists from any website.

The widget is really easy to install - you can pick a specific guide from those listed below, or we've put our generic guide below for you.

You can see how the widget works in our using the widget guide.

The instructions below are generic and your browser might be a bit different. We do have specific guides for the following browsers (your Internet browser is the programme you use to access the internet).

Generic instructions on how to install the widget …

The Wish Widget is essentially a bookmark which contains a special address that causes the Wish Widget to load in whatever page you happen to be visiting when you open the bookmark. To make it easy to access the Wish Widget bookmark you will want to place it on your Bookmarks Toolbar, typically most browsers will have a bar of bookmarks you can have visible next to the address bar.

Step one, Installed widget

Can't see the bookmarks bar? Typically you can reveal/enable it from under a View menu.

You can now try to click and drag this button: Wish Widget to the Bookmarks bar in the browser.

Step two, save bookmarkIf you can't drag the button try right-clicking the button. Look for a menu option like "Add to favourites" or "Bookmark this link", you'll often then be asked where to save the bookmark you need to choose the location for your Bookmarks bar, otten called favourites bar or bookmarks toolbar folder.

As an example, the dialog that appears when adding a bookmark (favourite) from the Internet Explorer browser is shown to the right. In Internet Explorer the bookmarks toolbar is called Favourites Bar.

Finally you should be able to see your new bookmark on your Bookmarks Toolbar within your browser. An example of how this looks in Internet Explorer is shown below. To understand using the widget see our using the widget guide.

Step three, Installed widget

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